Stockholm (2)

The next morning, sun was shining,

while temperature stayed around -3 C.

Turns out last night’s light train was painted in blue

and the central street was more crowded during the day

but not everywhere

Some of the narrow streets of cobbled stone were VERY narrow,

while colofrul passages kept their charm.

As did colorful buildings.

We ate last night at the cafe on the right.

By chance, we turned back towards the palace, when we saw a crowd of turists gathered around a guy

who tried to keep them at bay and make way for the …troups!

All jazzed up,

followed by some more serious fellows for protection

they passed through the tourist crowd, which closed narrowly behind them.

After saluting

they stood tight

and started the show

Meanwhile, “security forces” were trying to keep tourists from invading the square.

At one point, we thought – this tune is familiar. It was ABBA, “Waterloo”. And then, “Dancing Queen”. Oh, we thought. So it IS a show. And it was, judging from the juggling. Very cool.

At the end, after another salute,


And off they went.

He stayed, very young, very lonely, and probably feeling very cold. Yet important. He was guarding the palace.

We jumped on a boat to Djurgården

Where we visited the Vasa museum. Was a pleasant surprise! The Vasa ship, flagship of the Swedish fleet in 1628, sank less than 2 miles after initiating its first sea trip. In the 1950s it was brought to surface and into this museum.

Because the Baltic Sea is less salty, the bad wood-eating worm who usually disintegrates shipwrecks does not live here, so the ship is amazingly well preserved.

The museum is worth seeing, very well done, transposes you to a “Pirates of the Caribbean” Black Pearlish mood. The only thing I could not imagine was the extensive fights on deck – it was big, but in reality smaller than Hollywood made us believe it were.

Scarily realistic were the wax figures reconstructed after people who died on the ship.

You can also get an idea on how it was inside

and how (great) it looked at the time.

Afterwards, we took a stroll through the park

to Rosendal cafe, and then back to the city

nicely viewed across the channel.


was in preparation,

and the evening came in pleasant lights.

With streets


we filled our stomachs with a good potato with shrimps at Cafe Art in the center (good location, decent price), and went to sleep after a full day.


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