Stockholm (1)

The city is spread on several islands. A quick look, before landing

Arrived around 7pm at the hotel, and went immediately out to „get the pulse”. To reach the old town, had to cross a bridge. To the right, parts of the city + full moon,

To the left, a part of older town below which a train passes on a suspended line.

I don’t know who this gentleman is, but I liked how he looked with moon.

So we entered Old Town, called Gamla Stan.

This is the main street, empty, as I assume most people were having dinner inside.

Up and down from the main street, you get plenty of narrow streets of cobbled stone,

probably the most consistent collection I have seen so far.

The streets end up in small squares,

which are nothing but sources for more of the same, but never the same.

The icing on the cake, however, for me, were the red corridors

which I enjoyed a lot.

That night, the city had natural and artificial globular illumination

leading us towards the old town entrance gate

from where we looked back.

Over a nicely panoramizing bridge

we entered the shopping district, which didn’t impress much at night So we came back to fairytaletown

with its discreet inhabitants

and some more fenomenal red corridors ;).

Back to the hotel, we stumbled again upon this view

and caught a train passing by.

Enough for today. More later.


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