if you have to choose ONE thing to see in rome, see the colisseum.. and.. the fori.. and.. piazza venezia.. and.. basilica san pietro in the vatican.. and… what? you cant choose JUST ONE thing to see in rome..

Back from Bucharest

Survived the big drive from Bucharest.. went there last Saturday, was ok, not much traffic.. came back on Thursday, left around 10:30 am, thinking to avoid 8-9 am rush hours.. well.. if that is NOT rush hour.. anyway, wasnt too bad, managed to get out.. stopped on the way to take pictures, went on some…


Unbelievable.. 2 years have passed.. Graduated. Pictures are here. Tomorrow, the last adventure, the trip to the West of the United States. One month, Los Angeles-Las Vegas-Yellowstone-Seattle-San Francisco-San Diego and some other places. Cheers!

The last midterms

Am in the middle of the last semester :(. just came back from an excellent skiing trip in North Carolina and am not in the mood for work.. but there is lots of work, mid-terms.. the good thing is spring break is coming at the end of this week, with a road trip planned for…

First week

Thursday, May 26, 14:11 slow annoying web version of first class, in an internet & games room.feel like a student… ­čÖé they have the coolest coins i’ve seen in my life, the swiss, huge 5 francs coins. you need them everywhere… the office is in an industrial suburb of Zurich – I will need to…